Oscar the Old English Sheepdog Returns!

It’s good to know that my blog posts not only help owners find exactly the right trainer but also help dogs with consistency of training too. So here’s the story of Oscar the Old English Sheepdog.

February 2016

When I first met Oscar he was difficult to walk on the lead and needed some behavioural training. After just one lesson, the owners were delighted…

Testimonial – Dog Training an Old English Sheepdog

March 2016

Oscar’s owners had a large family and were struggling to put in the training time needed. He came for a short residential stay with me…

Residential Dog Training with Oscar the Old English Sheepdog

Unfortunately, the owners did not keep in contact with me after the residential stay and I lost touch with Oscar.

September 2017

I received this email…

Hi we have recently rehomed a 2.5 year Old English Sheepdog called Oscar as his family found him a handful with young kids. Oscar is a delight. A really loving fun dog and great with people and settled in very well with us ( 2 adults, both at home and we have previously owned same breed). Problem is he is not good on a lead, lunges at some other dogs (aggressively) and  is anxious around public places. We were actively looking for training when came across your website and we are convinced you may have trained him before as you mention an Oscar on your blog and the photo looks like him. We are interested in some 121 training sessions.

I met up with Moira, the new owner and it was good to be reunited with Oscar. He remembered me and his lead work improved instantly. Now two years old, there is a lot of behavioural work to get Oscar to where he should be but with regular lessons, the focus he needs can be achieved.