Tilly the Patterdale Terrier after only 2 lessons.

I’m always asked how long will it take to solve my dogs behavioural problems, or how many lessons will I need? Dogs and owners are different, corrective training differs for every dog and is also influenced by how committed the owner is by doing their homework. Tilly is a classic example of what can be achieved in a short time with 100% commitment to achieving.

You may recall a previous blog post Testimonial – Dog Aggression Modifications through Patterdale Terrier Training about Tilly. When I first met Tilly she was reactive to dogs, people, bikes, cars in fact anything. Todays lesson was a huge success, not only have we a dog thats non reactive to dogs and outside catalysts from a distance we also walked Tilly with Harvey my Labrador to heel side by side. Debbie was certainly happy, I can’t wait for our next lesson and to see how much further they have come on their training journey.

dog training behaviour modification patterdale terrier