Dog Aggression towards Dogs

Amongst my lessons today I had three clients who’s dogs were all displaying dog aggression. I had a 5 year old Labrador that is attacking dogs on a ‘public right of way’ across the owners land, a 5 year old Jack Russell x Poodle and 2 year old Miniature Schnauzer who also aggressive towards people.

All 3 dogs have common factors, they are all over loved and have no structure, boundaries and limitations. Every command has to be repeated, whilst the owner will sometimes give up trying to complete a task. Over loving their dogs has created an in balance in their pack structure. All three dogs believe they are the alpha leader, thus creating the need to strike out to any dog or person that approaches. As humans we feel the need to over love but all this does is create nervousness. Having no commands and bond in place has heightened the anxiety of each dog, therefor whilst the dogs have become nervous so to have the owners. Approaching dogs owners are tensing up, becoming anxious which only feed through the lead to their dogs.

During all three lessons I was quickly able to demonstrate how clam each dog could walk past my dogs without reacting. Whilst I’m able to display positive behaviour it’s important all my clients are able to relax. Training a dog is as much about training and educating the owners. Todays lessons all finished with calmer and more relaxed dogs and owners.

If you need help with any form of dog aggression please call for a chat. Don’t leave it to fester like many of my new clients do. It’s that one time your dog really does injure a dog or person that you can’t turn back.

Remember “always find and positive from a negative!”