Gundog training Angus the German Shorthaired Pointer

gundog training german shorthaired pointer

When I first met Angus he was headstrong, pulling excessively on the lead and dominating Bethany. Before we started Angus’s journey training him to his breed ability as a gundog, we needed to teach some basic structure and commands.

Bethany attended her 4th lesson today and you can clearly see the advancements they have made. Angus now listens to Bethany, he doesn’t try to dominate her like he did. By giving him boundaries, structure and limitations we’ve created a dog that listens and obeys. More importantly his love is shown through respect.

Today’s gundog lesson focussed mainly off lead working on retrieving something that Angus finds hard as he’s been allowed to facilitate his own playtime in the past. With patience and time Angus will deliver the dummies perfect but for the moment we always have to find a positive out if a negative, which is the fact he’s coming back to recall.