Dog Aggression towards his owner

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Joanne contact me after Jake her 18 month old Sprocker had severely bit her and her son. Over time Jake had become more and more aggressive with his toys, food and space, resource guarding at every opportunity. Out of fear Joanne would always back off and allow Jake to dominate every situation. Over time this has allowed Jake to see himself as a dominant pack leader. The seriousness of the last bit was an eye opener, although the first time it happened is when she should have called me.

Since my first lesson the improvements have been huge not only in the home but outside too. His walks are pleasurable and we’ve even had his off the lead with recall and focus training. By following my guidance and training Joanne can now see a great future with Jake and now when he grabs something he shouldn’t she can confidently take it off him without confrontation.


Alice Rose, Joanne’s mother sent this message in response to a Facebook post I posted about another clients aggressive dog

Don’t lose hope My daughter had serious resource guarding issues with her dog Jake to the point he bit her and her son and she was struggling like you She’s had 3 training sessions with Damian and Jake has really improved He is listening to her commands and mostly obeys them and life has become so much easier for her so hopefully it could be the same with your dog My daughter had been given bad advice from a couple of dog trainers and Damian has pointed out the errors of those ways so she’s now got a more relaxed dog and were are extremely grateful to Damian for his advice.