Residential Dog Training with Frankie the Cocker Spaniel

Frankie’s owners decided that it was time for some intensive training so contacted me to discuss residential dog training. Frankie is 12 months old and has become a huge problem for his owners. Owning a B&B, their daily life is busy and leaving Frankie whilst they attend to their guests was becoming difficult as he’s noisy and defiant with his behaviour. He pulled on the lead, had no recall, has been allowed on the furniture/bed and overall he was ruling the roost. They realised most of it was their own fault as training has been inconsistent or non-existant.

Over the duration of Frankie’s residence, I’ve worked on a philosophy of calmness leads to reward, creating a new structured training programme almost resetting his behaviour and starting again. When Jackie collected Frankie they were amazed at his calmness and willingness to listen and please. The following day Jackie sent me a picture of Frankie settled, calm and quite in his crate, something they’d not experienced. Over the following days, Frankie proved to his owners that he can be the dog they want and more importantly enjoy owning.

residential dog training cocker spaniel