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Testimonial – Dog Training Isla the Labrador

dog training labrador testimonial

Once again thank you my lesson today.. I’m enjoying walking Isla so much more now that I can walk with out her without her pulling me all over. It use to be that after a walk I came home frustrated and no enjoyment at all but after just a couple of lessons with you I now can walk her with confidence. Doing the recall work today and seeing that she can do it, with a lot of practice and patience I’m hoping to get her coming back and retrieving with your help. Thank you once again .

I would recommend any body who has any problems with their dog not to give up but to book a lesson with Damian he is straight forward and to the point but if you listen and take his advice and put in the work you will be rewarded with a better behaved dog. Look forward to my next lesson.

Testimonial – Springer Spaniel Recall Training with Jazz and Beth

After admittedly struggling with two self-willed Springers pulling us all over the park and with virtually no recall, we were recommended to try Damian at Tessleymoor Gundogs.  We were a little apprehensive at first but Damian understood perfectly and immediately pinpointed the problems (with us and the dogs!) and started us on the right path.

Now 3 sessions in and the dogs are already showing what they can do with the right handling and positive reinforcement.  The dogs enjoy the training, patience and perseverance is being rewarded and looking forward to being able to do so much more with them.

gundog training springer spaniels

Testimonial – Dog Aggression Modifications through Patterdale Terrier Training

I have two rescue dogs – a patterdale called Tilly and a Bedlington whippet called Alfie.  Tilly was the main reason I called Damian for help…she was the sweetest of dogs indoors – cute, cuddly and sweet natured with anyone that came to the house. However, as soon as we went for a walk, she would pull, lunge and bark aggressively at anything (dog/cat/pigeons/cars etc) and become highly stressed, even squealing in an embarrassingly high pitched tone! (We were the talk of the neighbourhood!). Tilly was totally out of control, and as I thought, beyond control. This had been going on for about 3 yrs, with no improvement. I had settled with avoiding other dogs by walking her less often and only at times when less dog-walkers around etc. The other problem was doors….she would bolt through them when open. I felt I had to educate any visitors to a complex door system to stop the dog escaping!

Having told Damian about the problems I was having with Tilly, he had three key questions for me….Are your dogs allowed on the furniture? Do the dogs sleep with you on the bed? Do you feed them human food as treats? …the answer to all three questions was yes! Hence, in the week prior to my first session with Damian the first changes instigated….No more human food, couch replaced with floor, no more dogs in bedroom (or bed!).  The first few days I felt awful…I had a clear case of withdrawal symptoms from my dogs!

On meeting Tilly, Damian changed to a slip-lead, and within literally seconds he had her walking to heel! Not only that, with his spaniel then sat just meters away, Tilly was sat calmly looking at this dog with no barking, no pulling, no squealing – nothing! I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Obviously, it’s one thing for Damian to evoke this behaviour in my dog, but the key is for me to learn the tools. So far, one week on, it’s working! We managed to walk past a cat with no reaction today! I can’t speak highly enough of Damian and his Skills. I am absolutely amazed. If you have a dog with behavioural issues, I would thoroughly recommend Damian to you.

Well impressed!

dog aggression modification patterdale terrier

Testimonial – Dog Whisperer or Owner Whisperer!

Hi Damian,

Just wanted to update you on how Chip is doing.

Fantastic! That’s how he’s doing.

The three sessions we had with you have been the backbone of all the subsequent work Chip and me have done.

I’ve followed your advice and do training with him every day. In fact, almost all the daily out and abouting Chip and me do has the training you showed me in it.

I’m still not sure what you did, but in three sessions you trained me to train a dog. You aren’t a dog whisperer, you’re an owner whisperer.

I still need to do more work with Chip so I’ll be booking some more sessions with you later in the year but for the time being he returns on whistle, he stays on whistle until I tell him to move on and he walks along with me (almost always! and more work on my part will sort that). I’m just going to continue on these basics for the next six months.

Thank you.

Rob and Chip (little bugger that he is!)

Testimonial – Lucy the Cocker Spaniel

I have a two year old cocker spaniel called Lucy who made talking her out on a walk a nightmare. She would constantly pull, bark and spin at anything bigger than a car, she would bark at bikes, prams, people almost anything to the extent that I would try and take her out when it was quiet. I have spent over £1000 on puppy classes and a three week residential course and although her general commands improved the walking hadn’t.

When I heard about Damian I though I’d give training another try as I was at my wits end, I very nearly gave up on her but love her too much. I couldn’t believe her behaviour as soon as she met him, she didn’t bark and walked immediately at his side and quietly, sitting every time he stopped, she made me feel like an idiot.

Damian asked me about her behaviour in the house which I thought was good, however it seems like I’ve been doing that wrong as well! Being on the settee and bed she has become the leader and does not respect me that’s why she ignores me when walking but behaves impeccably for Damian.

We have now had 3 lessons and she actually sat quietly when a lorry and tractor with a trailer went past. I know it’s going to take time, I didn’t think there was so much to think about and I obviously need training too but I wish I’d met Damian last year before I threw money down the drain. I’ve learnt more in 3 weeks than any training before and look forward to more lessons.

cocker spaniel dog behaviour training

Testimonial – Gundog Puppy Training Jenson the Cocker Spaniel

We took our 12 week old working cocker spaniel to Damian as we wanted a well behaved dog. We were advised from our vet that lessons are great idea for our dogs health and to keep them stimulated.

Damian was very approachable and always at the end of the phone. His classes where fun and always engaging for Jenson. Each lesson Jenson showed great improvement.

Unfortunately due to distance we could not carry on with Damian but would recommend it to anyone who can. Jenson was gutted!

Ollie and Emily

Behavioural Dog Training with Harley the German Shepherd

Harley is a ten month old German Shepherd. Her owners hadn’t had a dog before and contacted me because they had serious problems with walking Harley. She was pulling, lunging and barking at other dogs and was in need of some behavioural dog training. Walks were becoming a nightmare and it was getting to the stage where they didn’t want to take her out.

Within minutes of meeting Harley, I had her walking to heal on a slip lead. With a breed like a German Shepherd, known as a guard dog, owners can reinforce a stereotypical fear of the breed by their own behaviour. Negative energy can feed down to the dog through tightening of the lead, as the owner assumes others will be scared of their dog. My confidence with Harley allowed me to walk her calmly with just my little finger holding the lead.

I used my dogs to teach Harley how to behave around other dogs and had her lying down next to them, submissive to my command. Harley’s biggest problem had been a fear of the unknown; she was unsure of her pack position so had tried to dominate. After just one lesson she knew her place and was a calm and content dog.

Just a quick email to say thank you and how impressed we are of how much Harley has come on in just 2 lessons. From dreading walking and strong boisterous German Shepherd constantly pulling and trying every harness and walking aid out there to making walks a pleasure again with a simple slip lead. Best decision we’ve made was booking training with you.
Thanks again
Tony, Lizzie and Harley

In Harley’s second lesson I used one of my labradors to recreate the experience of walking past other dogs. I created a positive walking experience for the owners, building their confidence in taking Harley out on the lead. The change in her already is remarkable and she will be returning for further behavioural dog training to maintain this progress.

Dog training a german shepherd


Testimonial – Dog Behaviour Modification with Nala the Rottweiler x Husky

Hi Damian.

We would like to say a massive thankyou for helping us with our puppy Nala. We started off really concerned with the way she was behaving. She wouldn’t allow anyone to greet her without freaking out or even walk with her and we assumed she had really bad anxiety.

Well after our first session we couldn’t of been more wrong! Nala was basically running rings around us and we needed your help to learn as owners and to correctly train her. Your advise was perfect. We followed your training advise for 3 weeks and today we had our second session and Wow, what a difference. From a puppy who was terrified of anything and everyone to now with great heal training in place and she has already with a second session progressed to on and off lead recall and sit. It’s just amazing!

We would of never managed to achieve this without you, we’re so glad we chosen to go with you. Your session’s are well worth the money! We couldn’t be anymore grateful to you and your advise. We look forward to booking another session with you.

Thank you again so much Damian.
Jess & Rob

Nala 3months old- Rottweiler Cross Husky.

dog behaviour modification rottweiler husky

Testimonial – Dog Training Behaviour Correction with Two Miniature Dachshund

dog training 2 miniature daschunds
We bought Rolo and Fudge from a breeder and only being 2 months apart they have grown inseparable and formed a pack making training feel impossible as they didn’t listen to us at all.
We attended puppy classes when they were young however it led to them only behaving to bribes with food which is not realistic.  Fudge the smaller one established himself as the clear leader of the pack and was becoming a nightmare on walks, barking at other people and dogs and pulling on the lead, Rolo copied this behaviour making walks something we dreaded rather than enjoying. We got to breaking point and decided we needed help!
We spent a long time searching for the right person online and reading reviews about trainers and that’s when we came across Damian.  We can definitely appreciate why there were so many glowing reviews, he is a real life dog whisperer!!! He has shown us that most of the behavioural problems stemmed from us and has probably spent more time training us as owners than the dogs.  He is fantastic and we are so grateful for his help as now walks have become so much better, and we are enjoying the dogs so much more.
Thanks the real boss (Nicola)

Testimonial – Gundog Training an Irish Red Setter

Hi Damian,

We just wanted to say thank you for the lesson with Riley yesterday. It was so lovely to see how he can behave and we are looking forward to learning how to encourage that behaviour all the time.

We would very much like to book more sessions with you if you would be willing.

dog training irish red setter