Dog & Gundog Photography by Damian Barson at Tessleymoor Gundogs

Think Before You Buy!

Puppy training Cocker Spaniel

Winston is 6 months old and is already pushing his owners buttons. Having owned Cocker Spaniels in the past they can’t believe how different Winston is. Off lead he’s totally ignorant to recall, whilst on the lead he’s pulling at anything. Pulling on the lead has been increased by his early experience of being able to pull toward people and dogs. Corrective training is proving annoying for his owners as they’re struggling with focus. A lack of focus can be affected by the fact he’s constantly with his owners and therefore isn’t craving their attention.

Corrective training is always harder than teaching your dog, so remember starting young is the key to success. With time and commitment Winston will become the dog his owners want, it will just take a little longer to correct his behaviour.

Tilly the Patterdale Terrier after only 2 lessons.

I’m always asked how long will it take to solve my dogs behavioural problems, or how many lessons will I need? Dogs and owners are different, corrective training differs for every dog and is also influenced by how committed the owner is by doing their homework. Tilly is a classic example of what can be achieved in a short time with 100% commitment to achieving.

You may recall a previous blog post Testimonial – Dog Aggression Modifications through Patterdale Terrier Training about Tilly. When I first met Tilly she was reactive to dogs, people, bikes, cars in fact anything. Todays lesson was a huge success, not only have we a dog thats non reactive to dogs and outside catalysts from a distance we also walked Tilly with Harvey my Labrador to heel side by side. Debbie was certainly happy, I can’t wait for our next lesson and to see how much further they have come on their training journey.

dog training behaviour modification patterdale terrier

Nervousness Aggression with a German Shorthaired Pointer

dog aggression behaviour modification german shorthaired pointer

Dylan the German Shorthaired Pointer is 5 year old and at present is traveling around the UK with his owners in their motor home after arriving home from Dubai.

Dylan suffers with nervousness and aggression toward other dogs, something that has progressively got worse over the last 3 years. After my initial conversation and today’s lesson it was clearly visible that Dylan is hugely over loved which is only increasingly his anxieties. Loving our dogs in the correct way creates harmony, loving our dogs at the wrong time only increases their worries.

Dylan has always pulled excessively on the lead but within minutes I had him walking on a loose lead with no tension. Tim couldn’t believe his eyes, Dylan had never walked at their side. Then the test was other dogs, using my dogs I was quickly able to demonstrate that Dylan’s aggression was fed from his owners anxieties. Within a short time Dylan was walking side by side with my Labrador.

Changing a dogs behaviour doesn’t happen overnight but with help from me I know Dylan will become the confident dog I know he can be.

Poppy and Lilly the Chocolate Labrador’s

Training one new puppy is always going to be a huge commitment/challenge, but training 2 siblings is double trouble.

Poppy and Lilly are two totally different dogs in many ways. As I train more and more with them I can see their strength and weaknesses developing. Initially when we started training it was their owners intentions to train as working gundogs, unfortunately due to work commitments that’s not a reality. So the focus in purely on dog training to achieve happy, well behaved dogs that they can walk out and hack out with.

Todays lesson was a huge success, all the time and effort Sharon and Danielle have invested certainly shows with their dogs behaviour.

Dog training Chocolate labrador Dog training 2 Chocolate labrador puppies

Tessleymoor Charity Gundog Scurry & Toplands Clay Shoot

tessleymoor gundog scurry charity tessleymoor gundog scurry charity

Thanks to everyone who attended this great charity event. With BBQ, bar, live music, archery, trade stalls and inflatables, there was something for all the family plus of course my very popular Tessleymoor gundog scurry and the clay shoot. We are delighted to announce that we raised £11008 for our charities, giving £2500 each to local branches of  Heartbeat, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Motor Neurone Disease Association and Headway plus a donation towards the work of St Anne’s Church in Woodplumpton.

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Dog Photography

This has to be one of my favourite recent photos taken whilst out training. Working with such a variety of dog breeds every day gives me such enjoyment but coupled with the opportunity to take photographs for my social media and websites make it even more enjoyable. This photo is of Hector the Cockapoo puppy.

puppy dog training cockapoo puppy

First Cold Game Retrieve of a Duck with our Boy Harvey the Labrador – Gundog Training, Preston, Lancashire.

gundog training with harvey the labrador cold game duck retrieve

Harvey is 2 year old in October.  5 months ago his training was limited to what he wanted to do.  He’d chase game, be allowed to play with retrieves resulting in hard mouthing.  He was a loving dog but with very little obedience and no Gundog Training.

Over the last 5 months I’ve spend time re focusing his basic obedience training whilst adding Gundog Training into his programme.  Today whilst out on a cold game training day / photography event I introduced Harvey to his 1st duck retrieve.  He’s previously retrieved a pigeon but only a few steps away.  Today we worked in thick cover sending all the dogs a distance to the retrieves where they had to hunt and take direction with whistle commands.  As you can see from the picture he did me proud delivering the duck to hand with no messing.

Cold Game Gundog Training with Lexi the Residential Labrador and Photography by Andy Biggar.

cold game retrieve gundog training with lexi labrador

As we say “a picture paints a thousand words” and this one of Lexi certainly does. Lexi is in for Residential Gundog Training and when when she arrived was a blank canvas. You’ll have read previous blog posts and seen her progress, but today she certainly did me proud.

I’m more than happy with her progress and I know her owner will be to when she’s out working in the shooting field.

I run regular cold game training sessions and if you’d like to find out more then please call for a chat.

Job Satisfaction of Woking and Training Dogs.

18 Week Old Wisp my Springer Spaniel

18 Week Old Wisp my Springer Spaniel

Everyday I wake at 5am to begin walking, toileting and training my dogs as well as clients dogs who are in for residential gundog/dog training.  I deal with all disciplines, mannerisms and training for dogs and run regular classes, group sessions and 1-2-1 sessions for dogs and their handlers.  The hours of work are long but rewarding and not only do I get the satisfaction from working and training with clients dogs, but I do get great satisfaction from my own dogs as well.  Today was certainly one of those days when my dogs were able to deliver at the dog photography event that was held in conjunction with Andy Biggar.  At the end of the day, Andy allocated some time to photograph my dogs who all stepped up to the mark and allowed Andy to take some amazing action shots.

The first dog under the camera was Tilly, who is a Cocker Spaniel and arrived at my kennels 8 months ago at only 7 months old.  Tilly was a wild, unruly dog however through boundaries, structure, discipline and consistency in her training Tilly sat steady, retrieved, stopped on the whistle and worked around other dogs and people.  With her cheeky character, she proved that she isn’t camera shy however still kept her focus on me at all times.  8 months ago this was something considered as unachievable but after hard work in training, we have a great relationship and I seek reward from her progress on a daily basis.

Wisp, my young Springer Spaniel is developing well and today has once again demonstrated her true potential for working out in the shooting field or alternatively taking part in field trial championships.  Wisp is an amazing girl who has bounce, drive and a passion to work and please.

Zara my 16 month old Labrador has been with me since a young puppy and has been trained from the moment she arrived in my kennels.  She has recently gone through a very tough curve in training since her phantom pregnancy, however today she appeared to be back on form and showed great potential with retrieval work.  She is great at working in a team with myself and other dogs and her enthusiasm is something which can never be questioned.  Whilst her retrieval work is good, her steadiness is often a problem and is something that requires further work.

Inca is only 18 weeks old and has already been in my kennels on a regular basis for residential gundog training.  Inca was given structure, boundaries and discipline from the moment she arrived home.  With the consistency from her owners and myself, Inca is now able to retrieve, stop on a whistle and will work comfortably around other people and dogs.

Pepper is now nearly 12 months and today showed some fantastic drive in hunting and her  determination to retrieve dummies.  Initially she was nervous about moving towards other people and the camera, however after a small confidence boost she was able to deliver every time.

People often ask me why I do this job for a living and yet every time I would have to say that it is due to the satisfaction, reward and enjoyment of seeing the progress that dogs and handlers make.  Whilst the hours are long and most days consist of hard work and training I still have to ensure that all dogs achieve the end result therefore ensuring a happy client.


Dog Photography Event with Andy Biggar.

Dog Photography Event.

Dog Photography Event.

There was great attendance today at the photography event organised by dog-training4u and Andy Biggar.  Despite the predicted weather forecast, the day turned out to be fine and all the dogs were on top form.  It was great to see both new and existing clients in attendance at the event as it provided an opportunity for handlers to have their dogs photographed in a real life scenario that displays the dogs true happiness and characteristics.  Andy managed to get some fantastic action shots of the dogs working and simply enjoying themselves.  A perfect example was Agnes the little terrier who was keen to demonstrate her ability and fixation with a ball.  Andy captured shots of Agnes having fun, retrieving and jumping for her ball whilst also capturing the perfect still portrait of the dog with her handler.

Andy spent some time after each allocated slot giving clients a preview of the photographs that he had captured.  Andy will be editing these photographs and sending the images out on a disc for clients to use as they wish.  Additional framed pictures, canvases or personalised gifts like mugs, calendars or cards can be purchased from Andy when clients have had the opportunity to choose their personal favourites.

Organised events like the photography event are always a success and prove to be extremely popular.  Knowing that we are quickly moving towards the festive season, we have scheduled yet another photography event before the year ends.  Although the date is yet to be confirmed, the event will take place towards the end of November or beginning December to enable people to purchase personalised gifts and prints in time for Christmas.

Andy always spares me 40 minutes at the end of these events to photograph some of my own dogs.  Andy has always presented fantastic images which I have used on my website, vehicles and for the purpose of marketing.  Today was no exception to the rule and as I demonstrated with my own dogs and with clients residential dogs.  Andy was able to once again capture some of the magical moments of the dogs in action.  I am very grateful for the co-operation and the support that Andy has provided to me over the years and the working relationship that we have.  I look forward to working with Andy again in the near future and will keep you up to date with upcoming training days and events.