Gundog Training Preston Lancashire

Testimonial – Springer Spaniel Recall Training with Jazz and Beth

After admittedly struggling with two self-willed Springers pulling us all over the park and with virtually no recall, we were recommended to try Damian at Tessleymoor Gundogs.  We were a little apprehensive at first but Damian understood perfectly and immediately pinpointed the problems (with us and the dogs!) and started us on the right path.

Now 3 sessions in and the dogs are already showing what they can do with the right handling and positive reinforcement.  The dogs enjoy the training, patience and perseverance is being rewarded and looking forward to being able to do so much more with them.

gundog training springer spaniels

What Did You Do This Morning?

I often say that in my job as a dog trainer, no two days are the same. One of my mornings last week demonstrates this perfectly. It started with a very defiant, very dominant Labrador; of course I’ve seen lots of Labradors but no two dogs are the same and this one was certainly a challenge. Next came the biggest Doberman Pinscher I have ever seen and still a way off being fully grown. Then, you couldn’t make this up, I trained a Chihuahua, the smallest breed of dog in the world. So what’s next? A Flatcoat Retreiver…and so it goes on. The variety of breeds and personalities (this applies to the owners too…) means a day in the life of this dog trainer never has a dull moment.

Gundog Training George the Working Cocker Spaniel

George is certainly full of character and knows how to push his owners buttons. I’ve had a couple of gundog lesson with George and his owner Paul and whilst Paul has no intentions of working George it’s important they have a well behaved dog they can take camping with.

The key to success is consistency which has been a problem with training initially. After a few set back Georges owners are fully understanding of why I preach about black and white training, no greys. Our last lesson was a vast improvement, time has been spent on instilling the basics and foundations of training. Over the coming months we are working on mentally stimulating George with retrieving and hunting, working him to his breed ability.

gundog puppy training cocker spaniel

Testimonial – Gundog Puppy Training Jenson the Cocker Spaniel

We took our 12 week old working cocker spaniel to Damian as we wanted a well behaved dog. We were advised from our vet that lessons are great idea for our dogs health and to keep them stimulated.

Damian was very approachable and always at the end of the phone. His classes where fun and always engaging for Jenson. Each lesson Jenson showed great improvement.

Unfortunately due to distance we could not carry on with Damian but would recommend it to anyone who can. Jenson was gutted!

Ollie and Emily

Anxiety in a working Labrador.

Molly is a beautiful  two-year-old labrador that is totally misunderstood. Molly’s owner Tracy had previously visited another gundog trainer who unfortunately had not correctly addressed the negative nervousness that Molly displays. It was always Tracy and the previous trainers thought that she was nervous around men, when in fact she is nervous around Tracy too. Mollys nervousness is always being brought to the forefront of everybody’s mind, therefore exacerbated the problem.

Tracy expected Molly to bark and even grow when she met me today, but she displayed none of her normal behaviour you’d expect. In fact I instantly took Molly and walked her with confidence which is what Molly needs. Feeding her anxiety the moment I met her would only complicate her emotions. Throughout the lesson I increased my interaction with Molly on lead and then off. Molly responded well and being a working Labrador she thoroughly enjoyed some retrieving with a dummy.

To help Molly with her rehabilitation it’s been agreed to arrange a residential stay so we can fast track her training programme and get Molly to a happy obedient dog she can be.

Dog anxiety training in a labrador

Gundog Training a Springer Spaniel Puppy on Retrieves

7 month old Finn seen here is working on steadiness to a thrown dummy, hunting to find and delivery to hand. For a young dog he’s progressing well.

6 year old Coben Gundog Training with his Cocker Spaniel

Normally it’s just Dave and Teddy his Cocker Spaniel who attend gundog training lessons but today I had the pleasure of meeting 6 year old Coben his son.

Training families is always enjoyable as it’s important to encourage our children to understand the importance of training by making it fun. Coben loved the idea of marking his dad’s efforts, unfortunately Dave secured a few 1 out of 10’s, Coben’s a hard taskmaster.

Coben did a fantastic job of training and teaching Teddy how to retrieve to hand. I look forward to seeing his achievements at the next lesson.

Gundog training a cocker Spaniel with a young handler

Puppy Gundog Training with Dexter the Springer Spaniel

puppy gundog training springer spaniel

Some dogs just have that natural ability and bond with their owners. Dexter is one of those dogs!

Training Carl and Dexter is a pleasure. You can see from the way Dexter listens and takes direction that in time they will have a formidable working relationship. After todays gundog training lesson (which is their 3rd lesson) and a quick discussion it’s now Carl’s intention to try and work Dexter which wasn’t his initial thought.

Today not only did we have some amazing hunting for the retrieve, we had directional retrieving at a distance with total control on the out. Well done and I will be waiting in anticipation for our next lesson.

Poppy and Lilly the Chocolate Labrador’s

Training one new puppy is always going to be a huge commitment/challenge, but training 2 siblings is double trouble.

Poppy and Lilly are two totally different dogs in many ways. As I train more and more with them I can see their strength and weaknesses developing. Initially when we started training it was their owners intentions to train as working gundogs, unfortunately due to work commitments that’s not a reality. So the focus in purely on dog training to achieve happy, well behaved dogs that they can walk out and hack out with.

Todays lesson was a huge success, all the time and effort Sharon and Danielle have invested certainly shows with their dogs behaviour.

Dog training Chocolate labrador Dog training 2 Chocolate labrador puppies

Testimonial – Puppy Gundog Training Alfie the Springer Spaniel

We took Alfie to Damian after reading all the fantastic reviews, he some how just knows how to work with dogs it’s like magic, he told us plain and simple what to do with Alfie and after only 3 sessions he’s already well on his way to be the perfect working companion and family pet. Anyone thinking of going to Damian give it a go but put 100% in and really listen to what he has to say and you’ll get 100% out.

Thanks again Damian!

puppy gundog training springer spaniel