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2 Year Old Ellen Gundog Training Bailey her Springador

Ellen pictured here is 2 year old and so confident. This is the first time she attended training lessons withe her mum Lora. Ellen certainly isn’t shy or lacking in confidence, despite the cold and damp weather she thoroughly enjoyed the lesson showing her mum how its done.

gundog training springador gundog training springador

Anxiety in a working Labrador.

Molly is a beautiful  two-year-old labrador that is totally misunderstood. Molly’s owner Tracy had previously visited another gundog trainer who unfortunately had not correctly addressed the negative nervousness that Molly displays. It was always Tracy and the previous trainers thought that she was nervous around men, when in fact she is nervous around Tracy too. Mollys nervousness is always being brought to the forefront of everybody’s mind, therefore exacerbated the problem.

Tracy expected Molly to bark and even grow when she met me today, but she displayed none of her normal behaviour you’d expect. In fact I instantly took Molly and walked her with confidence which is what Molly needs. Feeding her anxiety the moment I met her would only complicate her emotions. Throughout the lesson I increased my interaction with Molly on lead and then off. Molly responded well and being a working Labrador she thoroughly enjoyed some retrieving with a dummy.

To help Molly with her rehabilitation it’s been agreed to arrange a residential stay so we can fast track her training programme and get Molly to a happy obedient dog she can be.

Dog anxiety training in a labrador

Tessleymoor Charity Gundog Scurry & Toplands Clay Shoot

tessleymoor gundog scurry charity tessleymoor gundog scurry charity

Thanks to everyone who attended this great charity event. With BBQ, bar, live music, archery, trade stalls and inflatables, there was something for all the family plus of course my very popular Tessleymoor gundog scurry and the clay shoot. We are delighted to announce that we raised £11008 for our charities, giving £2500 each to local branches of  Heartbeat, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Motor Neurone Disease Association and Headway plus a donation towards the work of St Anne’s Church in Woodplumpton.

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Behavioural Dog Training with Rufus the Labrador

6 month old Rufus and his owner Georgina came all the way from Wolverhampton to see me. It’s always a good sign when people are prepared to travel to train their dog – even when their car breaks down on the way and they have to rearrange the appointment. When I eventually met Rufus, I could see he was was not a pleasure to own. A headstrong young labrador, he pulled on the lead, had poor recall and was dominant. Georgina wanted some behavioural dog training for Rufus with a view to possibly working him in the future.

I worked with Rufus using my inner circle training technique with the dog on the lead at all times. We focused on sit and wait, not allowing him to greet other dogs as this encourages him to pull. Georgina was impressed to see what my dogs could achieve and is keen to bring Rufus up to his breed standard with regular monthly lessons.

I received the following message the day after our lesson.

 Just wanted to give you an update. I took Rufus out today for a 3 mile walk and he walked on the lead to my heel as good as he did yesterday still a little bit of trying to walk in front but I’m really proud of him 😊 so thank you


Testimonial – Helping to Find a Gundog for a Client

Testimonial – Helping to find a dog for a client

gundog training brook the labrador

Meet Brook the new addition to our Kennels.

There’s always a story behind a dog when its re-homed, this girls story is a long one, but the positive is that for the past 6 months she’s been living with a loving home that unfortunately experienced training issues and couldn’t handle her.

I’ve trained her mother in the past and know her father so when I met Brook I felt compelled to work with her to correct her problems. Whilst her present owners felt they were unable to correct the problems it’s my intention to work with Brook with a view to giving her back. If they are unable to handle Brook I will be looking for that home who will prove her with the mental and physical working stimulation she needs.

I have to say I’ve already booked a 1-2-1 lesson after 4 days for me to see how she will work with Jenny after my training. I’m feeling positive I can reunite them all together.

gundog training brook the labrador

6 month old Tess the Labrador on her first Gundog Training Lesson

You may have read a previous blog post about Jet the Labrador puppy who is owned and bred by my good friend Rick. Indi her mother is a dog I’ve trained over the years and despite her ignorance to Rick on some occasions, she always works impeccably well for me.

I helped and assisted to re-home some of the puppies which I’ve been fortunate to have met for some puppy gundog training. Today was a great surprise when Tess the Labrador arrived. Ian wasn’t aware I knew the puppies and when she arrived I instantly noticed a resemblance. Tess has grown into a beautiful well balanced young dog and todays lesson reflected this.

Unfortunately Ian recently lost his older dog to cancer so it’s important he ensures Tess is trained well but at the same time not to compare against his previous dog. Comparing traits will sometime create frustration with training which Ian agrees with.

puppy gundog training tess the labrador

Ironing out any Gundog Training Issues Prior to your First Shoot Day.

Labrador shooting season pheasant retrieve

Over the summer months many of you will have been getting your shooting companions ready to assist on the shooting field, whether it’s beating/flushing game or picking up. One thing that’s often forgotten is the excitement of the day. Not only is there shots going off, dogs running around, people giving various commands, but the biggest excitement is the game. Whether your beating up and flushing game or picking up nothing really prepares you for that first day. Over the summer many people train their dogs one on one, which is good but when presented with a group of dogs and people your dog can go deaf to commands.

You may have already had that first shooting day experience and thought maybe I should have waiting until later in the season to bring my dog. Once your dog has experienced that first day you will know whether he/she’s ready. It’s important to iron out any training issues before you attend your next shooting day so why not consider calling and discussing how I can help to polish out any small inperfections.

Residential Gundog Training with 2 Labrador Retrievers

Gundog training a Labardor retriever Gundog training a Labrador retriever It’s great to have Lady and Belle the Labrador Retrievers in for some residential gundog training again. These two sisters have had a great journey so far training with me and their owner Simon. It’s certainly been a roller coaster ride with highs and lows but they are showing huge promise for the 2016 shooting field. Owning one puppy is always hard but owning two sisters when you’ve never had a dog before was always going to be challenging.

Despite the unbareable temperature of over 30 degrees today it’s been an enjoyable day with these girls.

9 year old Megan my Labrador

Who’d have thought my girl is 9 year old. No matter what I ask of her she never lets me down. In fact if you were to see her work you’d think she was a lot younger. Her drive and enthusiasm is immense, but her focus and stop whistle surpasses many people expectations. All this come from one thing…! Yes, no matter how much you think you own a dog ask yourself the question “does she belong to me”.

gundog training megan the labrador