Springer Spaniel Gundog Training Preston Lancashire

Testimonial – Springer Spaniel Recall Training with Jazz and Beth

After admittedly struggling with two self-willed Springers pulling us all over the park and with virtually no recall, we were recommended to try Damian at Tessleymoor Gundogs.  We were a little apprehensive at first but Damian understood perfectly and immediately pinpointed the problems (with us and the dogs!) and started us on the right path.

Now 3 sessions in and the dogs are already showing what they can do with the right handling and positive reinforcement.  The dogs enjoy the training, patience and perseverance is being rewarded and looking forward to being able to do so much more with them.

gundog training springer spaniels

Gundog Training a Springer Spaniel Puppy on Retrieves

7 month old Finn seen here is working on steadiness to a thrown dummy, hunting to find and delivery to hand. For a young dog he’s progressing well.

Puppy Gundog Training with Dexter the Springer Spaniel

puppy gundog training springer spaniel

Some dogs just have that natural ability and bond with their owners. Dexter is one of those dogs!

Training Carl and Dexter is a pleasure. You can see from the way Dexter listens and takes direction that in time they will have a formidable working relationship. After todays gundog training lesson (which is their 3rd lesson) and a quick discussion it’s now Carl’s intention to try and work Dexter which wasn’t his initial thought.

Today not only did we have some amazing hunting for the retrieve, we had directional retrieving at a distance with total control on the out. Well done and I will be waiting in anticipation for our next lesson.

Testimonial – Puppy Gundog Training Alfie the Springer Spaniel

We took Alfie to Damian after reading all the fantastic reviews, he some how just knows how to work with dogs it’s like magic, he told us plain and simple what to do with Alfie and after only 3 sessions he’s already well on his way to be the perfect working companion and family pet. Anyone thinking of going to Damian give it a go but put 100% in and really listen to what he has to say and you’ll get 100% out.

Thanks again Damian!

puppy gundog training springer spaniel

Testimonial – Rescue Springer Spaniel

Hi Damian

Thank you so much for todays training with Jack and I.

I’m like most people who have a dog, I have done the same thing year in year out and never really
fully understood how to get the best from the partnership with my dog, until now.

I have already noticed a marked improvement with Jack and also with myself when walking with
Jack. My confidence level has gone up and my stress levels have come down. So again, thank.

It was a shock to watch just how well Jack interacted with you, if thats the right word to use and with his instruction, but it was also very inspiring because i could see Jacks potential.

For anyone thinking of gundog training or dog training in general i cannot recomend enough how beneficial it would be for you to speak to Damian.

rescue springer spaniel gundog training testimonial

Tessleymoor Charity Gundog Scurry & Toplands Clay Shoot

tessleymoor gundog scurry charity tessleymoor gundog scurry charity

Thanks to everyone who attended this great charity event. With BBQ, bar, live music, archery, trade stalls and inflatables, there was something for all the family plus of course my very popular Tessleymoor gundog scurry and the clay shoot. We are delighted to announce that we raised £11008 for our charities, giving £2500 each to local branches of  Heartbeat, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Motor Neurone Disease Association and Headway plus a donation towards the work of St Anne’s Church in Woodplumpton.

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Puppy Gundog Training with Ross the Springer Spaniel

puppy gundog training springer spaniel

Ross’s owners have perviously owned working Labradors but after loosing they last one it was decided they’d embark on the journey of owning and training a black and white Springer Spaniel.

Today was their second lesson in 2 weeks. Ross’s initial lesson introduce Stephen and Sandra to the basics required to train a working spaniel and also to demonstrate what can be achieved using my dogs. In the two weeks since seeing them Ross has certainly been pushing boundaries with his behaviour. I was able to correct his behaviour today and show that calmness leads to reward.  Stephen being a perfectionist was happy knowing it can be achieved.

Testimonial – Elmo the Rescue Springer Spaniel Dog Behavioural Correction Training

A big big recommendation for anyone thinking of going to someone for dog training help.  From the moment I met Damian with Elmo (my 4 year old springer) he knew within seconds that the dog was in charge of me and not the other way round!  A few little tweaks and tips from Damian and I was walking Elmo and not being pulled left right and centre.

Another main issue was that Elmo barked at every single dog he walked past.  Damian experimented this with two of his own dogs and showed me that if you remain calm and do not panic and tighten up on the lead then you can solve this problem with relative ease.

It is still very much a work in progress but during that 50 minute one to one I have learnt more valuable information than ever before.  Thanks again mate and see you in a few weeks.

springer spaniel rescue dog behaviour correction training

Residential Gundog Training with Amber the Springer Spaniel

residential gundog training springer Spaniel

I can’t believe Amber is 5 year old now. I met Amber at 8 months of age when she came to me for residential gundog training after she’d run off and nearly got hit by a car. At the time it was important to stimulate not only her physical needs but also her breed work ethic. Whilst Graham had no intention of working her in the shooting field he’s always kept up her training. I know she could have been a fantastic dog in the field and many times I tried to aquire her.

Every year Amber returns for a small refresher course whilst her family jet off skiing and it’s a pleasure to train her. Amber is one pocket rocket on retrieves.

Client Update on Ziggy the Springer Spaniels Gundog Training

Hi Damian,

Thought you might like an update on our boy’s progress. He is doing really well and we are now able to enjoy stress free walks on the beach and in the woods. He is responding well to the whistle, not chasing birds or animals and good with other dogs. He is steady but not very interested in people he doesn’t know. Done a lot of ball retrieving and a bit with the dummies. Hope to do more when the fields are a bit less muddy.

Had a great time in Scotland before Christmas and are off to Kielder Forest this weekend so lots of good walks for Ziggy. Still having battles to keep him off the sofa but you can’t win them all. ( well maybe you can, but we can’t!)

Thanks for all your help which has obviously paid off. We’ll maybe book a revision session when we are able to get into the field a bit more.

The picure was taken in Lytham Hall, one of his favourite places for training.

gundog training springer spaniel