Tessleymoor Gundog Club Training

Testimonial – Springer Spaniel Recall Training with Jazz and Beth

After admittedly struggling with two self-willed Springers pulling us all over the park and with virtually no recall, we were recommended to try Damian at Tessleymoor Gundogs.  We were a little apprehensive at first but Damian understood perfectly and immediately pinpointed the problems (with us and the dogs!) and started us on the right path.

Now 3 sessions in and the dogs are already showing what they can do with the right handling and positive reinforcement.  The dogs enjoy the training, patience and perseverance is being rewarded and looking forward to being able to do so much more with them.

gundog training springer spaniels

Testimonial – Puppy Gundog Training Alfie the Springer Spaniel

We took Alfie to Damian after reading all the fantastic reviews, he some how just knows how to work with dogs it’s like magic, he told us plain and simple what to do with Alfie and after only 3 sessions he’s already well on his way to be the perfect working companion and family pet. Anyone thinking of going to Damian give it a go but put 100% in and really listen to what he has to say and you’ll get 100% out.

Thanks again Damian!

puppy gundog training springer spaniel

Tessleymoor Charity Gundog Scurry & Toplands Clay Shoot

tessleymoor gundog scurry charity tessleymoor gundog scurry charity

Thanks to everyone who attended this great charity event. With BBQ, bar, live music, archery, trade stalls and inflatables, there was something for all the family plus of course my very popular Tessleymoor gundog scurry and the clay shoot. We are delighted to announce that we raised £11008 for our charities, giving £2500 each to local branches of  Heartbeat, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Motor Neurone Disease Association and Headway plus a donation towards the work of St Anne’s Church in Woodplumpton.

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New Website for Tessleymoor Gundogs

Following on from the redesign of this website, our sister company Tessleymoor Gundogs is the latest in line for a new look. This business focuses on training gundogs either to work in the field or to bring them up to their breed standard. Tessleymoor attracts customers from across the UK, with owners travelling long distances to benefit from the level of training expertise I can offer.

The new website showcases all the specialists services available, from group gundog days to intensive residential training. Central to the new design is the stunning gundog photography; capturing the dogs as they are focused on their training has become very much a part of the overall Tessleymoor experience. With the positive feedback I have received from incorporating the Instagram feed into the Dog Training 4u site, the new Tessleymoor website also integrates the popular @tmgundogs photos.

You can take a look at the new site here and share it with friends who may be interested in these specialist gundog training services.

tessleymoor gundogs training new website

Puppy Gundog Training with Ross the Springer Spaniel

puppy gundog training springer spaniel

Ross’s owners have perviously owned working Labradors but after loosing they last one it was decided they’d embark on the journey of owning and training a black and white Springer Spaniel.

Today was their second lesson in 2 weeks. Ross’s initial lesson introduce Stephen and Sandra to the basics required to train a working spaniel and also to demonstrate what can be achieved using my dogs. In the two weeks since seeing them Ross has certainly been pushing boundaries with his behaviour. I was able to correct his behaviour today and show that calmness leads to reward.  Stephen being a perfectionist was happy knowing it can be achieved.

Gun Trade News Website Review

It’s always great to have feedback, especially from the national media. The redesign of this website has been picked up by Gun Trade News, with an excellent review in their May edition. The reviewer has highlighted the key features we have incorporated in the new site – lots of useful content on dog training and ownership with plenty of opportunities to interact with us. We’re happy to see the work that went into this new site being recognised but as always we will keep adding to and refining the site to give you the best user experience. Since this review was published, we have added an additional page covering everything you need to know about the Amended Dangerous Dogs Act. To keep informed of what we’re up to, you can also follow our social media channels – just click on the icons at the top of the page.

dog-training4u new website review

Loui the Cocker Spaniel Gundog Training, Preston, Lancashire

Gundog training a Cocker Spaniel

This young boy is full of energy. Today was his second Gundog Training lesson, but prior to training he would run and chase game for fun. This is no longer the case, whilst we’ve a lot more to achieve it was great to see Loui retrieving, taking command from the whistle and more importantly working to his breed standard.

I know over the coming months we will have the working dog Lee is looking for.

Testimonial – Gundog Training Finlay the Cocker Spaniel

Hello Damian,

Just a quick update on Finlay’s progress. He is really coming on after the sessions with you and then continuing the training you suggested. Still plenty to do but it was all about me upping my game really. Since I started consistently expecting more from Finlay , he has started really focussing one me, as you said he would. Thanks for the help!
Best wishes,


Residential Gundog Training Indi the Wirehaired Hungarian Vizsla

Indi the 7 month old Wirehaired Hungarian Vizsla is with me for residential gundog training. Prior to residing with me she would play with the retrieve, not returning to her owner with eagerness. Over the weeks with positive training I’ve worked on steadiness and delivery ensuring she’s always happy. Working a dog should been seen as a positive, which Indi certainly displays with her wagging of that tail.
Indo has a great noise and in the field is already displaying her ability to quarter and hunt.

Residential Gundog Training with Indi the Wirehaired Hungarian Vizsla

Indi the 6 month old Wirehaired Hungarian Vizsla is residing with me for some residential gundog training.  Indi is a typical Vizsla, fully of character and stubborn, but eager to learn. This is Indi’s 3rd week of training which is progressing well.

residential gundog training hungarian vizsla

A previous blog post show’s Indi developing well with her retrieving which is one reason her owner decided on the option of residential training. When I first met Indi her recall and delivery of a dummy was brilliant. Unfortunately over time and with inconsistency she started to develop bad behaviour so it was important to ensure we corrected them, with short days and busy work loads the solution was to procure my help.

I hope to be posting a video showing Indi’s progress in the next few day.